Lego Photo Stills

imageimageHey guy’s this is a new blog I’m starting.  I wanted to start off with some cool art blended with your favorite childhood toy! Here’s an photographer on Flicker named Avanaut who takes photos of toys in different sceneries. Pretty cool. See the full gallery here


4 thoughts on “Lego Photo Stills

  1. Oh my – those photographs really made me laugh :D!!! How did you get the snow to sprinkle around like that, did someone toss the toy down just when you photographed it or how? Anyhow – great idea! Keep it up:)


    • Haha thanks for the comment. The reason there’s not a lot of info here is because this was an old blog that I had for a couple of days. My main site is I guess you could say I’m messy too.


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